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Managing your Subcontractors is

Simpler with SubHub

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Lining up your subcontractors can be challenging

They're busy. You're busy. SubHub can make it easier.

Your client is excited for the work to start. Once it begins, you know the clock is ticking and you have a lot to coordinate. For your project to run on time and on budget, you have to line up your subcontractors at the right times and in the right order. The quality of their work matters and so does their reliability. SubHub helps you coordinate with your subcontractors clearly and easily, right from your phone. 

First, SubHub houses all your subcontractors and their contacts in one place. From there, rank your subs for each skill/task. Put your #1 electrician in the #1 spot, but if he's not available, you'll need to go to your #2. SubHub allows you to offer each job to your Subs in the order that you rank them, automatically. Subs receive your job offers via text or email and can respond without logging into anything. Fast. Easy.


Keep your project on track

How often have your projects stalled because you're waiting on a subcontractor?

We Get It

SubHub was designed and developed by a leading builder/remodeler and a process efficiency expert. We understand your challenges and have designed for you.

Make It Easy

You don't need an app that complicates your life. SubHub makes coordinating with your subcontractors easy.

Keep Score

Feedback matters. SubHub keeps track of your Subs' response times and acceptance rates, so you can reward the crews that respond to you.


SubHub makes it easy for General Contractors and their Subcontractors

For the GC/Construction Supervisor

Keep track of all the Subs working all your jobs in one place. Create the tasks in the order you need them completed and then offer the work to your subs in your preferred order. The app will even remind you to set up the next task and make the next offer to stay on track and on schedule.

For the Subcontractor

Your subs never have to log into anything. Your offers for work on your job sites arrive as a text message and/or email with a simple link. By clicking the link, the Sub can see all the details of the job and respond with the click of a button. Your offers can arrive in English, Spanish, or Polish (future additional languages to come).


"When is this going to be done?"

It's a question every homeowner will ask. Better subcontractor coordination means faster job completion.

The reality of many construction projects is that a lot of time is spent between work. The homeowner starts to wonder what the hold up is. What they may not appreciate is the difficulty of managing so many different players that need to perform their work in the right order, but you do.

SubHub was designed by a process improvement expert who lived through the experience first hand and a design/builder/remodeler with hundreds of projects completed. Our goal is to make communication and coordination between you and your subs easier to make your projects run smoothly and quickly.


What People are Saying

“This app is easier than playing fantasy football.”

“My projects have been running 15% faster since I started using SubHub.”

“This app is so awesome that I'm freaking out.”

Joe Contractor

Inevitable Customer

Someone Important

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